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So, as you all may know I live in sweden and that's where I was born. But recently I've got a lot of none swedish followers so my plan is to every now and then write in english (or write a simplified english version of my swedish posts). But to start off my new english blog posts I would like to write about sweden. 

It is a lovely country and not as cold as many believe. Yes, we do get snow but we don't have any polar bears. During the summer it gets almost 30 degrees hot outside (celsius). But in the winter it can get -20 degrees outside. And thats the weather. 

What should you do if you ever visit sweden? Well, we have some great nature you should go check out. If you're in the south of sweden you should go visit some nice beach and go for a walk among the yellow rapesmark and poppy fields. The stockholm archipelago is really something special. It's a thousands of teeny tiny islands. You can travel around there with boats and just enjoy the scenery, it's really lovely. If you ever visit sweden during the cold winter you should go up north to see the northers lights. There is also a hotel they build out of ice every year. It never looks the same. It might sound cold but it is really a cool experience (pun intended). In the northern sweden they also have a lot of reindeers if you're interested in the wildlife. (But beware of bears, regular bears not polar bears). We don't have anything special food wise other then our famous meatballs with potatoes, lingonberries and sauce. 

This is just a handful of stuff you could do in sweden, there is a lot more you could do here.